Sculptures with surrealistic overtones that explore the multiple facets of the human condition and tap into the depth of the human psyche.


The artist is of Armenian descent, born in Syria and lives in Montreal.

He had a passion for arts ever since his childhood. At a very young age, he attended The Saryan Academy of Art in Aleppo, Syria. While growing up, Megerditch had to choose his future career. Although he chose to pursue a career in medicine, his devotion to art did not fade.

After establishing himself in Montreal and having a busy practice, Tarakdjian restarted his artistic ventures and improved his skills in sculpting under the guidance of renowned contemporary sculptor Arto Tchakmakchian.

Megerditch Tarakdjian’s works can be found in various public institutions within Canada, the USA, and Armenia. The monument of the Canadian photographer Yousuf Karsh made by Tarakdjian stands in the national capital. Another public work of the artist, titled “The Reader” is placed in front of the public library of Town on Mount Royal.

As a physician, as well as an artist and an art lover, Megerditch Tarakdjian believes in the healing power of art.


Yousuf Karsh Monument

Confederation Square

Ottawa, Canada

The Reader

Reginald J.P. Public Library

Mount Royal (Quebec) Canada

Call for Justice

National Museum of Armenian Ethnography

Sardarapad, Armenia


Komitas Chamber Music House

Yerevan, Armenia

Alan Hovhaness

Yerevan State Music Conservatory

Yerevan, Armenia


Museum of Modern Art

Yerevan, Armenia

Yeghishe Charents

Yeghishe Charents Museum

Yerevan, Armenia


Museum of Folk Art

Yerevan, Armenia

William Saroyan

William Saroyan School

Yerevan, Armenia

Reaching Out

Department of Transport of New Brunswick

Fredericton, Canada

Man with Scarf

Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library

Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec

Barouyr Sevag

Embassy of the Republic of Armenia

Ottawa, Canada

Arshile Gorky

Ministry of Diaspora

Yerevan, Armenia

Female Figure

Collège des Médecins du Québec

Montreal, Canada


Armenian Museum of America

Watertown, U.S.A

Yervant Pastermadjian

Sourp Hagop Armenian School

Montreal, Canada

Daniel Varoujan

Bolsahay Community Centre of Montreal

Montreal, Canada

Private collections: Canada, United States, England, Germany, Argentina, Australia and Armenia


Grigor Naregatsi Medal

Grigor Naregatsi Medal

2015, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia
Honorary Award for cultural contribution

Honorary Award for cultural contribution

2012, Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia
2005, International Contest for a Monument of Komidas placed in L'allée des poètes in Quebec City, (Quebec) Canada.

2005, International Contest for a Monument of Komidas placed in L'allée des poètes in Quebec City, (Quebec) Canada.

Third prize among works presented by 39 artists from different countries.
Art contest

Art contest

1985, organized by the National Commemorative Committee of 70th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Washington (DC) United States

’’Tarakdjian's artistic expression hinges around two distinct planes, one geared towards aesthetics and the other towards advocacy. Some of his sculpted characters have hollow chests while others are sickly thin. The indescribably dislocated bodies bear an unadorned beauty that appears to be simultaneously fuelled in Eros and in fear.’’


Tarakdjian Reflections/Reflexions

Album of art works 2011, Les Editions Carte blanche Outremont(Quebec)

’’Tarakdjian is one of the committed artists, whose every creation conveys a unique message.  For this reason, there's a sense of necessity to view his works with a proper analytic approach.’’

Movses Hergelian, Doctor of Art History, art critic.